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Custom made 15' long line slip leash. Available in Blue, Red, Purple, Tangerine, Aquamarine and Discover.

Dynamic 15ft Long Line - Brass Hardware & No Backup

  • Dynamic Long Line Slip leash

    • Heavy-duty, high quality brass hardwear
    • Smooth and Snag-free 64 Carrier Braiding
    • Latigo Leather Stopper
    • Innovative high-quality rope termination. Like no others!
    • Doesn't include a back-up. You can add this to your order separately.
    • 15 foot length slip leash
    • 5/16” thickness
    • Available in Blue and Red; with limited stock currently for Tangerine, Aquamarine, and Discover; and Purple coming soon).
    • Engineered to absorb energy and reduce shock load by 30% with our unique "Dynamic" design
    • Can be machine-washed, hung to dry
    • Hand crafted in the USA
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